Veelas are nymphs, who have power over storms, which they delight in sending down on lonely travelers. They live in meadows, ponds, oceans, trees, and clouds. They can appear as swans, horses, wolves, or beautiful women. Veelas are believed to be female fairy-like spirits who live in the wilderness and sometimes in the clouds. They were believed to be the spirits of women who had been frivolous in their lifetimes and now floated between here and the afterlife. They sometimes appear as swans, snakes, horses, falcons, or wolves that they can shapeshift into, but usually they appear as beautiful maidens, naked or dressed in white with long flowing hair.
It is said that if even one of their hairs is plucked, the Veela will die, or be forced to change back to her true shape. A human may gain the control of a Wila by stealing feathers from her wings. Once she gets them back, however, she will disappear. The voices of the Wilas are as beautiful as the rest of them, and one who hears them loses all thoughts of food, drink or sleep, sometimes for days. Despite their feminine charms, however, the Wila are fierce warriors. The earth is said to shake when they do battle. They have healing and prophetic powers and are sometimes willing to help human beings. At other times they lure young men to dance with them, which according to their mood can be a very good or very bad thing for the man. They ride on horses or deer when they hunt with their bows and arrows and will kill any man who defies them or breaks his word.



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You shall be mine.

Pictures used not mine


I… It - it’s dark.

Where - where is he?

Hush now. The man you are looking for is not here. Not yet. He will arrive. But in time. Not now. Not tomorrow. Calm your mind.


How could you ever lovesomeone like me.I carry the monster inside. 



Are you alright?

I can definitely say Hogsmeade is more lively than the castle for now


I know him better than you may think, silver woman. I know that he is cunning in his ways, but he lacks the power to outsmart me. Never do I speak without thought. You need not worry of such things. 

If I may see him again, I will do what I can do assure no harm is brought to him beforehand. If he proceeds, I make no promises. In your eyes, I see a fondness only shared between lovers. You may love him as did I at once. But do not forget what is most important, I beg you.

You can help me and if you care for him as much as I assume, you should.

I shall not forget my purpose which is to protect those of magic against his actions but if he dies he dies by my hand and mine alone. Someone else will not touch him, I will not allow it.

The fondness I have for him goes beyond that from regular lovers.

Farewell fair lady. I wish you well.